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Polyurethane Part


Here We are manufacturing of PU Plastic Parts and components from industrial engineering Plastics such as,  and any other composite materials as per customer demand. Our customers belongs to all types of industries such as, Textiles, Electrial & Electronics and All Mechanical engineering to ensure their frictionless movement

PU Parts Manufacturer
Nylon ABS Peek PU Acrylic
Delrin Teflon PPS Polycarbonate Noryl

We are having facility to all product design & development our end, will gives you the rest of mind. Design & manufacture for plastic components, rubber moulds, core and cavity machining. Machining of Pattern using with the latest CAD/CAM/CNC techniques.

Our Products Ranges
Plastic Parts
VMC Milling Job Work
PTFE Parts
Nylon Parts
Industrial Moulds & Dies
Polyurethane Part
PU Parts
Plastic Dies
Plastic Bottle Moulds
Investment Casting
CNC Milling Job Work
Air Compressor Plastic Parts
PVDF Parts
All Types of Engineering Plastic Molding & Machinery Works